Dwarves are widely accepted across Khorvaire and receive little prejudice as they make a large minority in every nation. Dwarves can be found in all lines of work, from Inquisitives to bankers to smiths and politicians. Dwarves are sometimes stereotyped as money obsessed alcoholics, which is far from the truth, at least for some. Dwarves hold their family and clans dear to them, so dear that throughout their history they have fought amongst each other and even to this day the Dwarven clans hold grudges. Dwarves now live all over Khorvaire and even in Riedra.

The Elves of Eberron are known to be a strange and diverse people. Humans will often find Elves to be as strange as they find Orcs and Goblins. The Elves who live among Humans are viewed as approachable as they have integrated with their neighbors now having similar ideologies as Humans. The Elves of Aerenal and Valenar are distant from other races and care little for affairs outside their borders as they view most other races as short-sighted and petty. Despite their views of outsiders The Valenar and Aerenal Elves are willing to trade and interact with other nations though, neither of these Elven communities welcome visitors.

The Elves of the five nations are minorities in their communities as most Elves are from Valenar and Aerenal.

Gnomes are among the most inquisitive of races. They seek knowledge in all its forms and tend to careers which allow them to fulfill this thirst: bards, historians, alchemists and librarians, as well as spies. The gnomes rule the nation of Zilargo, one of the oldest nations of Khorvaire

Half Elves
Half-elf are one of the common races. They descend from elves and humans but have since become a new unique race, distinct from both their elven and human ancestors. Half-elves refer to themselves as “Khoravar” and are found throughout the continent; they are not concentrated within a specific geographic region.

Humans possess four of the thirteen dragonmarks. Because of this they have established themselves as one of the most powerful races in Khorvaire. Humans also seem to be exceptionally adept and skilled at learning all manner of trades from blacksmith to anthropologist to fate-tempting adventurers humans demonstrate a proficiency in anything they set themselves to. While they don’t meet the high standards of dwarven or elven craftsmanship, or the fortitude of the half-orcs or even the multifarious talents of the gnomes they more than make up for their lack of individual strength with a versatility that is second to none.

Many Kalashtar are reclusive and prefer to stay in the temple-keeps of Adar however, some driven by purpose venture out into Eberron. Some of those that leave wish to end the siege on Adar by the Riedrans and others leave in an attempt to escape the Dreaming Dark. Kalashtar are commonly reserved, tranquil and tend to spend a significant time thinking something through before acting. They’re kind and caring towards others though, in an intellectual manor rather than emotional. It is not known exactly why kalashtar take a keen interest in controlling their emotions however, it is commonly believed that it is due to the turmoil they suffer from their conjoined souls. They express their friendship with a wry smile and through offhand comments rather than being cordial or making lewd jokes. The fragment of quori soul in kalashtar remember the escape from Dal Quor. Kalashtar who’re on the run from the Dreaming Dark grow cautious of others though, they remain polite and kind. Kalashtar are unable to merge their human half’s sensitivity with the strange and wild visions and memories of their quori souls. Beneath their serene makeup, kalashtar are at conflict with themselves and struggle to fend off insanity. At times they can begin to lose that struggle and display confusing and sometimes dangerous behavior. The Dreaming Dark is incredibly important to kalashtar characters as most see the organization as the ultimate evil.

Shifters, also known as the weretouched, are one of the intelligent races inhabiting Eberron. With both humans and lycanthropes among their distant ancestors, shifters posses just a small portion of their forefathers’ shape-shifting abilities. They cannot transform wholly into an animal but can instead shift parts of their body to become animal-like for short periods of time. In 832 YK the Church of the Silver Flame led an inquisition to wipe out all lycanthropes in Khorvaire, Shifters included. The inquisition lasts fifty years killing most lycanthropes and driving the survivors deep into the Eldeen Reaches.

Warforged often have little life experience as they spent most of their time assigned to one specific duty, usually soldiering. If there is one interest all warforged share it is the love of working and many create endless lists of goals and chores. They take pride in their work and work incredibly hard which makes them dislike idleness and failure.Warforged can excel at most tasks having a single-minded effenciency, especially in combat related roles.

War and military conditioning create the foundation of warforged personalities, they understand duty, the chain of command and conflict. Due to their bodies more closely resembling males than females warforged prefer to be called “he” than “it”. Some warforged adopt female names though most of their names are straightforward and are related to their job, abilities or rank. Many warforged simply accept the nicknames given to them by their comrades while others seek to earn more meaninful names that best describe them.

Changelings can look like anyone at any given time though they do have a true form. Their natural look can be scary to some due to their lack of detail and distinctive features. Their skin tone is always pale, the darkest tone some have is a light grey. They have large white eyes but have no pupils and are circled by thick black rings. Their noses are small and subtle with no detail.
The changeling’s body structures are slender, even more so than elves and border on being frail. Their hair colour is most commonly a light shade of silver followed by platinum and blonde. In raer cases their hair can be pale shades of green, pink and blue. Also similar to elves the changeling lack body and facial hair.


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