Class Recommendations


  • Crusader/Ruby Knight Vindicator
    Tanky healer. This class can take punishment, engage, be disruptive, get the enemies attention and heal itself/allies. At later levels Ruby Knight Vindicator Prestige class grants incredible battlefield mobility.

OP Strat:
Divine Impetus gives a swift action/turn undead use. Air Devotion gives you a move action for a swift action.


  • Fighter/SwordSage
    Lockdown/Trip Tank. The goal is to disarm, knock over, any enemy getting nearby so your friends can pound them down.

OP Strat:
Use a chain weapon and get double the reach of standard weapons. Take a large race and get another reach bonus for 15 feet of threat (360 3 square range) with combat expertise.


  • Knight
    Tanky Controller. The classic “sword and board” plate wearer with some nice group buffs, stances and enemy aggro mechanics.

OP Strat: Take Hellreaver, become immune to things. Deal bonus damage, heal yourself & allies.


  • Cleric/Sovereign Speaker/Church Inquisitor/Divine Oracle
    There are too many options with cleric. A blind monkey could throw darts at a board of fighter feats and still have an OP cleric.

OP strat
It’s a cleric


  • Druid/just druid
    The most overpowered, highest tiered class in DnD. Summon a 20ft long Crocodile, a 9ft tall Polar Bear to fight for you and then shape change in to a giant Wolf that can cast lightening bolts from it’s eyes. Oh… and heals on top of that.

OP strat
It’s a druid


  • Vitalist/Life Leech
    Psionic Class that forms a mental collective with the group. It transfers damage, healing and buffs between everyone. It can force an enemy to join the collective and channel all damage back at it, steal buffs.

OP Strat
Vitalist is also a full manifesting class. Take it with a Psionic race and summon 2 ton boulders on top of enemies. For fun: Make a collective of nothing but enemies then throw yourself off a cliff. Channel damage to enemies.

Skill Monkey


  • Rogue/Assassin
    Sneaky Melee Damage with skills. Good Scout. Good Murderer


  • Factotum
    Uses a point system to cast spells/improve skills. Has access to everything, kind of like a Red Mage in final fantasy.


  • Ranger/Deepwood Sniper
    Ranged Damage with skills. Good Scout, best skirmisher. This class will kill you. You won’t see it. You won’t hear it. You will just be dead.

Martial DPS

  • Bard/Warblade
    Wreck enemies in melee range while screaming death metal at them.


  • Barbarian Totemist
    Manifest ethereal appendages from monsters you’ve encountered and gain bonus attacks. Use your magic squid arms to immobilize a group of foes and pound on them magic gorilla arms… or make japanese cartoon porn. Either one.


  • Cleric Bone Knight
    Could easily be Tanky/DPS but this class is a leader. At level 8 it can control 48HD worth of Undead, ~100 Skeletons. Who needs Indiana Jones, send an army in the temple of doom and let the law of averages sort it out. Also killer immunities and damage dealing.

Spell DPS


  • Conjurer
    Conjuration is a diverse school of magic that summons or conjures effects into existence or moves them from one place to another. You can conjure up walls, creatures, toxic fog, grand banquets, mundane items, even extra-dimensional mansions. Conjuration also deals with the elemental planes, conjuring pockets of elemental energy which can be used for various offensive effects. You can even use Conjuration to move yourself, your allies, or your enemies from one place to another through teleportation magic.

Class Recommendations

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